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Updated: Jun 26

Betina Bullard, aka B. Tina B. AYE, is a woman after God's own heart. She is a serialprenuer who believes in taking leaps of faith. Betina is the Talk Show Host, the Executive Producer, and the owner of The B Tina B Show. She is the owner of Best Insurance Group LLC; an affiliate of Solar Power, Tribe Leader for W. O. M.B.(Women Owned Minority Business); paid Actor/Actress in movies and television; Original host for Black Emall TV, Emcee; A Notary, A Writer, A Content Creator, Motivational Speaker; Minister/ Ministry traditional and untraditional; Vocalist; Comedian; Mom and Friend!

Why did you decide to start a media company?

Because I wanted to...frfr

How do you use your platform to make a positive impact?

I talk about leaps of faith and just life stuff that people find engaging. My goal is to leave seeds of hope and love, which the world definitely needs more of!

What is the greatest impact you want to make?

To help people know they have an advocate, friend, and Savior in Jesus!! He can help deliver comfort and keep you even when you don't want to be kept. I want to leave love and agape love, which is the love that never fails.

You are such a kind and gracious person with a giving heart; how are these values important to building your company?

1st, thank you for that. When I read it, I was like, wait, she talking about me?! Lol. We live in a challenging world, and it doesn't have to be so challenging if we love our neighbors as ourselves. I want to be the change I want to see. I want to help people see the love in others and bridge the gap between community and communication.

What advice would you give a woman struggling with confidence in herself?

Remind them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. That they are the masterpiece. The Master's Piece of Heaven here on earth. Purposed and placed here to do His will. Gifted with talent and meaning. A sure win because there is a breath of life in you!!!

I would invite them to book a session with me to see why they really feel the way they think about themselves. I do confidence training by appointment, and they are safe and private. I will do a group session for those that desire to share, and we can tell our true stories to each other about our UGLY Duckling phases. They should connect with me on my calendly, book an appointment and let's get comfortable in our skin!

What is your favorite quote or scripture, and how does it relate to your purpose?

One that always comes to mind is I can do all things they Christ, that strengthens me. I take leaps of faith because of those words right there. I know I'm not walking alone; sometimes I have to remind myself, and then I just LEAP, and then it produces what I hoped it would! Faith takes you places you have never imagined.

B. Tina B. is a wonderful and gracious woman. Her ability to encourage and build up those around her is unmatched. Reach out to B. Tina B. at the email below:

The B Tina B Show:

Take time today to get inspired. Forever Open Journal & Notebook Collection has a positive affirmation journal that can help you build your confidence and your walk.

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