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My Journey to Healing

Updated: Nov 1

My healing journey is ongoing and far from over. But I decided to write a short blurb about it because I hope it helps. At the age of 33, yup that is right I am still on a healing journey. And this healing is not only from Things that other people have done to me. It is also from things that I’ve done to myself. A lot of people do not realize that trauma is not only caused by someone else. We can cause ourselves trauma. We participate in self-sabotaging behavior, that we down the line will have to heal from.

Even though I started my healing journey a long time ago. I feel like I am only just beginning. I feel this way because only within the last couple of years I have realized the extent of healing that has to happen. Yes, I knew there were things from childhood that I had to deal with, but I did not realize how deep-rooted the hurt, and the trauma was. So, my healing journey is not about going back and looking at every single moment of my life that led to some great a-ha or oh-no moment. My healing journey is about me getting closer to God our Father and our Creator. It is about realizing that trauma is not my story. It is about breaking chains and shackles and knocking down walls that have had me stuck for so long. My healing journey is about being able to look in the mirror and see the promises of God. It’s about looking into the faces of my children and being the best that I can be. It is about building with my husband and not taking any steps back or being afraid to take steps forward. It is about accepting what was, making peace with it, and moving forward with no shame and no regrets. My healing journey is about being honest with myself and forgiving myself for the role. I played in my hurt. You see a lot of us want to blame all of our hurts on other people, but never really accept our part in it. Yes, yes yes we can hurt ourselves. And just like we have to forgive the people that hurt us we have to forgive ourselves.

So yes, I am on this grand healing journey where I am breaking up with fear, I am breaking up with my negative thoughts. I am breaking up with self-sabotage. And here is what I expect to find at the end of my healing journey because a lot of us get on this healing journey, and we do not set the end result. We do not ask ourselves “What is it going to look like when we’ve reached the end of our healing journey?” or “How do we know we’ve reached the end?”

This is what I expect to see at the end of my healing journey; I expect to see exactly who God created and needs me to be. I expect to look in the mirror and see myself (not my past not my mistakes, not my guilt and shame). I expect to see a completely free woman and at. As I said, I’ve been on this journey for a while, and I know I’m getting close to the end.

I want to share a piece of me and hope that it helps you.

Here are some things that have helped me while I’ve been on my healing journey:

1. Prayer-I pray several times a day throughout the day because when you’re on a healing journey, you’re mind can go back and forth between yes and no I don’t want to do this and I don’t want to do that but prayer keeps me focused on God and what I know he can do for my healing.

2. Journal writing-I write in my journal every day 1 to 2 times a day. I have themed journals through my business Forever Open Journal & Notebook Collection that I use. Journal writing helps me to deal with my emotions, develop plans, increase my self-ware, and more.

3. Daily devotions-I use scripture-based devotion journals. I depend heavily on God. He can reveal more about me than I ever could on my own.

4. I set goals-Now your goals can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, by-quarterly, or yearly, however, you want. I set goals for myself to develop my personal growth, build my resilience, and be who God has called me to be. I hope this helps you as you are on your healing journey. If you would like a Journal or Notebook from Forever Open Journal & Notebook Collection, you can visit You can also join my Facebook Community Healing For Me for more encouragement and motivation.

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