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My identity

Updated: Nov 1

As I went deeper into my relationship with Christ, I found walking in my identity and inheritance challenging.

Because ummmmm…..What does that look like?

How was I supposed to implement my identity in my everyday life? This is more than just saying, “I am a child of God,” “I am a Christian,” or “I strive each day to be more like Christ.” I struggled with the actions behind my identity and inheritance.

While I realized my walk with Christ is a tiered path (meaning I move into my next level or season when it’s time and not all at once), I felt like I should have already had certain aspects of my identity and inheritance downpacked because I am a child of God.

Just because I am a child of God does not mean I know how to be a child of God (I am still learning more each day). One of the sayings that would really get me is “Be the light (Matt. 5:14)".

“Okay, how?”

“Be the opposite of darkness”.

“Gee, thanks”.

And I can read the Word, but what does practical application look like? What could I have done as someone new to Christ? I meant more than just reading the Bible. Over time, I learned three important things:

  1. You must first shine for yourself to be a light for the kingdom. Spend time with God and in the Word alone. Get comfortable with worshiping the Lord by yourself so that you can confidently connect with God when you are around others. The confidence is a light.

  2. Practice kindness. Don’t react harshly (I'm so much better at this). Don’t repay attitude for attitude, anger for anger, hate for hate, etc. Kindness is a light.

  3. Serve others. Allow God to work through you and your actions. Pray for others who need it, volunteer time, and speak goodness over others. Serving is a light.

When I learned these things, I found that I could do these simple things as a baby Christ and grow into greater and bigger works.

I’ve learned that my identity and inheritance are meant to define me as God's child and show how great my Abba (Father, God) is. He wants us to be blessed beyond human measure. He wants us to experience the greatness He has in store for us. Our identity and inheritance gives us access to that.

Our identity and inheritance are not only about being the light; we’re justified (Rom. 5:1), a living stone (1 Pet. 2:5), forgiven (Col. 1:14), complete (Col. 2:10), and so much more.

Sis, listen, you are somebody, and you belong to someone.

To learn more about your identity and inheritance, visit

Look in the mirror and know that who you are rests in God.

And that's the best place to be.

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