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I Love ME!

Updated: Nov 1

I love me should be a statement that all women are comfortable saying.

We should all love ourselves. As women, we are capable of so many beautiful things. We wear many hats, and we wear them well. We have a strength woven into our souls that allows us to step up to the plate needed.

We can lead, guide, follow, and stand still, all while making a positive impact.

The love that we have for ourselves should run deep.

It is nice and awesome to be loved by others. But when we love ourselves, that is powerful.

It is empowering to look into the mirror and be your #1 cheerleader.

It took me a while to love myself because of my past, trauma, shame, and feeling like I was not good enough.

It took me to enter my adult years to love myself, and I love myself more every day.

What helped me was writing and putting action to the things I was writing.

Writing help me to dig into my feelings, trauma, goals, and life in general.

Here are your writing prompts for today:

· Write all the things you love about yourself.

· What will you do to give more attention to the things you like the least about yourself?

· What is one action you can take every day to show yourself love?

Loving yourself is inspiring. A positive affirmation journal can help you on your inspiration journey.

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