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Food As Medicine

Andra Annette has worked in Healthcare for 35 yrs. She spent 13 years privately studying & mastering the endocrine system/metabolism because of her weight loss struggles, thyroid condition, and auto-immune disorders. Now, Andra works with other women to help them achieve weight loss by developing a new relationship with food, resetting their metabolism, and learning how to use Nutrition to support their body & live in a body they love. Her journey as a Health Coach started in 2020 while being a nurse on the front lines. Andra saw the impact lifestyle choices had on outcomes and knew she could help more women with strategies and nutritional concepts that lead to optimal health. Andra Annette is also an International Best-Selling Author in the book Unleash Her.

What is the name of your chapter in Unleash Her?

My Chapter in Unleash Her is called My Mother’s Daughter.

After being misdiagnosed for decades with three auto-immune diseases, I used my knowledge as a nurse to reverse my disease processes and lose over 100 lbs. using food as medicine. I encourage people to listen to their bodies and be their best advocates. No one knows your body better than you.

What made you realize your business was necessary? I knew my business was necessary when on the front lines, I saw the impact lifestyle played on the health outcomes of those affected and knew I could help more people with Nutrition.

What is the greatest impact you want to make? The biggest impact I want to make is to help as many people as I can understand they possess the ability to heal themselves from disease processes with balanced Nutrition. I want to make a dent in food insecurity and eradicate obesity because it leads to so many other life-threatening diseases.

How do you know you are making a positive impact? I know I am making an impact when I see my clients develop a healthy relationship with food and use it to support their bodies. I love hearing them tell me how much energy they have and how great they feel. But the biggest way is when people reach out to me and ask questions or ask for help.

What advice would you give a woman scared to step into her greatness? By not sharing her greatness, she is being selfish. Even though she doesn’t see it now, her gifts are needed.

What is your favorite quote or scripture, and how does it relate to your purpose?

Favorite scripture. “As I am still, the Lord fights for me.” Exodus 14:14 My favorite quote is, “No one has your thumbprint but you.” By Mary Morrissey. These apply to my purpose because everyone is an individual. Diets are fads and mass produced and making people sicker. Everyone has a unique health journey and deserves a plan tailored to their needs. It’s not about people fitting into my box of crayons but meeting them where they are and helping them create a lifestyle that will support them through their lifespan.

Andra Annette is an amazing Health Coach and Nutrition educator. She truly believes in getting people back on track.

Andra is such as inspiration. If you are looking to start a health journey that works, reach out to Andra. She can help you meet your health goals.

You can connect with Andra Annette at the links below:

Call Andra at 347.352.6801 or 917.299.8856

Email Andra at

You can get a signed copy of Unleash Her at

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