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Dwelling in the Deep

So, what is the deep?

The deep is the negative and dark place where the enemy is waiting to attack our minds. This is why it’s best not to prolong disappointment, anger, and being upset.

Dwelling in the deep can put us in a headspace we were never meant to be in.

It’s not often, but I get caught in the enemy’s trap. I hate to admit it, but I have, and just recently, in fact. Something upset me, so I continued to focus on it, and then all these other feelings and imposing thoughts started to flood my mind and change my mood.

My mind was under attack because I chose to dwell on something that really wasn’t that significant. Thank God I had support to pull me out, and I realized that my mind was being attacked. Not everyone has that realization right away.

While I am still strengthening my mindset, here are the things I’m doing to stay out of the deep:

1. Speak against those thoughts with the truth of the Word.

2. Take negative thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) by rebuking them, sending them back to hell where they belong, and redirecting our thoughts to something positive.

3. Put on your Christ-like lens- Philippians 4:8.

These are just three ways.

I will continue to do this each day, and I invite you to do the same.

Let’s not let the enemy take control of our minds. Our minds belong to Christ for the uplifting and building of God’s kingdom.

For some scripture about overcoming negativity, download here:

Download PDF • 7.09MB

Reflect and pray over these scriptures. Also, spend time journaling about what God is saying to you as you reflect on the scripture.

Visit Forever Open Journal & Notebook Collection to get your journal and notebook.

Don’t dwell in the deep.

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