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Count Me In!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

What do you think of when you hear Count Me In?

~Making plans with your girlfriends?

~Going on a date?

~Trying something new?

Do you think about yourself?


Yes, I know that is a weird question, right?

Do you count yourself in or do you count yourself out?

So many women count themselves out. I mean we do not have faith in ourselves. We do not think that we are good enough, brave enough, fearless enough, or smart enough. Some of us have been conditioned through trauma, addictions, lies, abuse, and abandonment not to believe in ourselves.

God created us as masterpieces which means he purposefully and strategically put us together. We were intentionally created to have an abundant life. And that means we need to count ourselves in.

You need to count yourself in.

Look in the mirror and say "Count Me In, Count Me In, Count Me In".

Sis, Ma'am, Mother, Queens

Count yourself in. Have crazy intentional faith in your purpose and your impact.

Walk like there are no barriers.

Believe like everyone is on your side.

Keep going like there are no red lights.

The next time someone says no count yourself in.

The next time someone laughs at your vision count yourself in.

On days when you are struggling count yourself in.

Spend time with yourself daily and build your faith in yourself.

Learning to count yourself in is not an overnight process. A positive affirmation journal can help.

Share with another woman.

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