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A Mother's Letter

Donate for A Plate is inspired by the life of Catherine Council-Jenkins, who struggled as a mother of 10. When hardship hit Mrs. Jenkins's home, she wrote a letter to a close family member seeking help to feed her children and money for coats and shoes. The letter was written 40 years ago. Forty years later, Mr. Antonia Jenkins, the youngest of Catherine Council-Jenkins's children, turned his mother's struggle into an organization built to help others in need. We believe no child should go hungry, no child should be cold during the winter, and no family should suffer in silence.

Lakecia Minus from Bladenboro, North Carolina. She is a mother of 5 children with one grandson on the way. She is an Evangelist at Seed Of Life Divine Ministries and works in the community as a Relational Organizer for North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Educational Fund. LaKecia Minus is the Vice President of Donate For A Plate. She is also the owner of Hair Journey and Kandiland Kreations. LaKecia SERVES, MINISTERS, & GIVES GOD ALL THE GLORY.

What is Donate For A Plate?

Donate for a plate is an Organization that focuses on feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and lifting the lowly at heart. We are here for the community and out in the world, trying to help those who need food and clothing, live on the streets, and need resources to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Why did you feel it was important to start Donate For A Plate?

I felt it was essential to start Donate For A Plate because the number of homeless is rising in America, but the number of solutions isn't! We have to put love and compassion back into the world! Sometimes all you have to do is help someone and show that you care about their well-being, and that seed will grow into them being to love themselves.

What is the greatest impact you want to make?

The greatest impact I want to make is drawing more people to the cross! Although the people we come across are without a home, they are not without a soul! If we can get them to Christ, God will do the restoration.

What are some of the needs of Donate For A Plate?

Donate For A Plate needs monetary donations and volunteers. We have feed the homeless events and giveaways for anyone in need: we giveaway hygiene products, clothes, and toys for children.

What advice would you give a woman in need of help but too scared to reach out?

Advice that I would give a woman that is too scared to reach out is "ASK ANY WAY" people can only tell you yes or no!!! The word says to ask, and it shall be given, seek, and you shall find. Closed mouths aren't fed, and a tightly closed hand cannot receive.

What is your favorite scripture, and how does it relate to your purpose?

Luke 6:38

Give and it shall be given unto you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall He cause men to give into you. For that measure you use, it will be measured to you.

People have to understand that giving is more than money! This relates to my purpose because this organization gives time, talent, gifts, money, and whatever it takes to complete the mission.

Donate For A Plate is a wonderful organization working to meet the needs of the community. Visit their website to see how you can be a Share Bear. You can also reach out to them via email to learn how you can help. You still have time to be a Share Bear this season.

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