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Forever Written

A blog where women can find inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Spent time understanding more about you, God and life. So, join me in reflection, realization, and openness. And be Forever Open!

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Meet Dr. Vonie

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Growing up, I kept everything in. I did not ask anyone for help because I felt uncomfortable speaking up. So, I wrote everything down. I wrote my thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, etc. Writing gave me a voice and helped me deal with everyday life. I was able to deal with my trauma (and continue to overcome it every day). Writing helped me to be brave and begin to step into my potential. I knew that if journal writing helped me, it could help someone else.


Writing is healing because it forces you to see yourself and really dig into who you are. Since everyone can benefit from journal writing, I knew when God gave me the vision for Forever Open Journal & Notebook Collection this is how I could make God's intended impact. Through journal writing, I knew I could give women a brave space to open up, heal, develop goals, and build their relationships with God to access their salvation and make God's intended impact.

Fun facts

  • My favorite color is purple. I LOVE PURPLE. Sage green is also growing on me.

  • My favorite books of the Bible are Luke and Job.

  • I am always down for a good comedy show.

  • If I could, I would be a Wood Worker.

  •  I love to sing, but I am terrible at it.


My Favorite Quote

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